Tips on wind shield repair

A rock chip right in the line of your vision is a real irritation, you can fix the chip by yourself, though you can’t make it perfect, you can prevent the damage from spreading further; you will need to carry out Cracked Windshield Repair.

The first step should never be done in direct sunlight; the windshield should never be hot to touch. But finally, you will move the car to the sun so that you can pick any spot that has a shade nearby. Clean the area with the break with an alcohol pad, and then by using a push pin remove any loose chips of glass taking precautions that the pieces do not contact your hands.

Then peel off a side of the doughnut shaped adhesive backing and press the windscreen so as it surrounds the break at the center, then gently press the adhesive to the glass, remove the other side of the back then press the pedestal to the adhesive for it to straighten up. Cut the tube tip and empty three quarters of the tube into the pedestal, never squeeze it so strongly.

The plunger being pushed away, now put the syringe in the pedestal and push till it forms an airtight seal. Remove the plunger to the indent near and then twist it for it to lock in position. This draws all the broken bubbles, leave the syringe at that position for 10 minutes.
Draw the syringe to break the vacuum to allow air into the pedestal, re-insert the syringe again, hold it tightly with one hand, pressing down on the plunger and then lock it down at the lower setting. Leave it for 20 minutes.

Remove the syringe, and by using a safety razor cut the adhesive doughnut shaped and pedestal from the windshield, the resin will flow down but some will be absorbed by the windshield wipers.
Finally move the car to direct sunlight then put some drops of resin at the center of the breakage, put the plastic over the resin then smooth out all bubbles using the edge of the razor to have an even coat. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then remove the plastic strip by using the razor also scrap the resin from the glass, then clean and wipe it out.
All the equipment’s needed to do the entire repair are contained in the kit purchased. For a few minutes you will have removed and repaired and avoided disturbance on the line of vision when driving.